Terms of Trade


Terms of Trade

  1. In these terms and conditions, ‘LSWS’ means London & Surrey Water Services Ltd. ‘Customer’ means the customer whose name is on the quotation, estimate, or invoice.
  2. All quotations or estimates are accepted strictly on these terms unless agreed upon and in writing and signed by both the customer and a person authorised by LSWS. These terms of trade cannot be varied and override any terms stipulated or inferred by the customer, whether in negotiations or instruction between the customer and LSWS.
  3. Quotations are valid for 90 days from the date on the quotation. Quotations may be subject to withdrawal before receiving qualified instructions and payment of any required deposit by the customer. After 90 days, the customer must request a new quotation. Quotations are formed using a combination of company models, daily and hourly rates. a) Any extra charges incurred by LSWS while carrying out works will be passed onto and charged to the customer/client, i.e., parking fines, if the customer does not provide adequate arrangements or permits.
  4. The scope of works to be performed will be specified in our quotation and form the basis of the contract. If, however, the work takes longer on further inspection, involves the use of more materials or both than initially anticipated, LSWS reserves the right to increase the quote. If this happens
  5. a) LSWS will notify the customer as quickly as reasonably practicable.
  6. b) A revised quotation will be prepared at the new costs and to the customer by LSWS. This new quotation will then replace the original quote.
  7. c) If the customer wishes not to proceed with the new price, they agree to notify LSWS verbally or in writing.
  8. d) If the customer chooses to proceed at the new price, LSWS will charge the customer for any materials supplied and time spent on the job.


  1. a) Invoices will be presented to the customer on completion of the work, and payment should be made to us at the time of presentation unless otherwise agreed upon in writing (see below clause 5e).
  2. b) The total price payable will be the amount detailed in the quotation or revised quotation, whichever is the most recently dated.
  3. c) LSWS accepts bank transfer, credit/debit card payment or cheques made payable to London & Surrey Water Services Ltd
  4. d) LSWS will retain legal ownership of all materials until payment has been received in full. The title of all materials will be passed to the customer on receipt of full payment.
  5. e) At our discretion, payment may be made within 14 days of the date of the invoice, this must be agreed upon in writing. If unpaid these outstanding balances will be subject to past due payment charges (see clause 6 below).

Past due payment

  1. If an invoice remains unpaid after 14 days it will become subject to the following charges.
  2. a) A past due payment administration charge of £30
  3. b) For each ‘Past due payment letter’ we send we reserve the right to charge an additional fee of £30
  4. c) In the event of a deposited cheque not being honoured we reserve the right to charge the past due payment fees in clauses 6a, 6b plus £30 for processing and administration. These fees will date from the date of the invoice where 14-day terms have not been agreed beforehand in writing. If 14-day terms have been agreed in writing; the charges in clauses 6a, 6b, will accrue from the 14th day from the date of the invoice.

Limitations of Liability

  1. Whilst LSWS will make every effort to complete the work within the dates provided for the commencement and completion of the work, these dates are estimates only and do not form part of the contract between LSWS and the customer. LSWS will not be held liable by the customer if it should be impracticable to start or carry out the work due to any event beyond our control such as lack of access, lockout, industrial disputes or any other fair reason given by LSWS.
  2. LSWS are only responsible for pipework being installed or worked on directly by our engineers. Any failures that may arise in existing pipework or water fittings when we restore full water pressure after laying or working on pipework will remain the customer’s responsibility. This is beyond our control and is sometimes a consequence of high-pressure water flowing through older pipework
  3. LSWS will not be responsible for resurfacing again if ground conditions exist that cause later subsidence or shrinkage.
  4. LSWS will implement all health and safety measures required to protect our customers and general public and our representatives but will not be held liable for any loss or injury occurs to the customer or any third party if those health and safety measures are ignored.

Guarantee (*)

  1. LSWS guarantees Pipe Replacement work for ten years from the date of invoice and certification, and a record will be kept by us. This guarantee applies only to the pipework LSWS has installed. (Total supply pipe replacement only*)
  2. Guarantee’s do not cover defects due to misuse or faults caused by the customer or any other third party. The guarantee will be rendered invalid by any further work performed on the pipework by contractors or any other third party other than LSWS.
  3. Guarantee’s do not cover any natural or accidental damage caused over a period of time by such things as roots, ground slip or subsidence.
  4. We reserve the right to withhold any guarantee’s if during or after installing the pipework if we determine further work were required to prevent a future fault and the customer does not wish to proceed with those works.


  1. LSWS or its appointed contractor will provide a work completed certificate where applicable on completion of qualifying works. LSWS reserves the right to withhold any certificates until full settlement of sums of money owed for works completed.



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